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Highest level of IT security

Brief introduction into our security precautions

The secure use of our services is facilitated by consistently high technical standards. Using encrypted connections (HTTPS) is one of the security functions that reliably protects your data as soon as it is transmitted. Unauthorised access to your Redxter profile is thus prevented in the best possible way. This SSL encryption and other specific technical measures also ensure that your payment data and access data are transmitted securely.

In addition to using state-of-the-art firewall and other technologies, a clearly defined authorisation strategy ensures that only a very small internal group of staff can view your unpublished profile data. This is necessary e.g. for our quality assurance staff. In addition, only our Customer Service team can access your profile (excluding, of course, the content of your personal messages).

Encrypted communication

About end-to-end encryption

Communication between our members is encrypted as long as it is conducted via the platform. Likewise, e-mail communication between you and Customer Service is transport encrypted as long as your e-mail provider supports what is known as Transport Layer Security (TLS) encryption.

Transport encryption is an end-to-end encryption between e-mail providers (GMX, Googlemail, etc.). In this case, transmitted data is encrypted in the various transmission sections. However, on the respective servers of the e-mail providers, this data is saved in plain text and therefore unencrypted.

Blog & Advice

Blog & Advice

At our main priority is to create a safe online dating environment to which the first step is creating informative blog articles regarding: dating advice, and security tips.

Gay & Lesbian dating

Gay & Lesbian dating

In our online community we greet everyone with a warm welcome, regardless of their gender or sexual orientation, to configure the profiles a user would like to see is up to the user.

Help & FAQ

Help & FAQ

In order to keep our users informed about the usage of the platform or anything new that comes along the way, we are constantly writing and editing our help center.

Our History

What are our goals? Why we foundend And overall what do we stand for? well hopefully below you will find all the answers you seek

Founded in 2020

A new way to look at online dating

In these uncertain times in regards to COVID-19 we have noticed that people long for social connections with one and other more than ever, but unfortunately had to realise that other online dating websites do not provide it's users with the necessary security.

This is exactly why we have decided to realise the idea of a safe, fun online dating website for all of our users. Our state of the art chat system includes but is not limited to a variety of awesome fun functions, and the most importantly safe. You do not have to worry about your privacy, since we provide you with all the protection you need. It have took our team a year of hard work, but the time has come for us to present you with

Informational articles and dating tips

Important advice and security hints regarding online dating.