Am i too old to flirt online?

Am i too old to flirt online? • What newcomers to cyberspace need to know.

Are you over 50 and single again? Welcome to the flirting floor. Even if you used to go out for it before - nowadays, love is more likely to be waiting for you on the internet. But what is the best way to virtual flirting? Do not be afraid of online temptations.

If you’ve only been single recently and are over 50, you can think about how much flirting has changed in recent years. The chance had a day. Instead, the whole world seems to rely on the internet to find a partner. But what if you have no experience with virtual flirting?

Don'te be flirting illusions

Those who have both feet on the ground often have accurate ideas. This also applies to finding a partner. Therefore, for many people, at first glance, the internet seems ideal for flirting. Selecting potential flirting partners also entices you to twist your own needs into infinity. It’s easy to be trapped by the dream prince: The next is always better. “If you have too specific images in your head while flirting online, you could easily miss your luck,” emphasizes image consultant Martina Berg. The Munich resident himself met his partner two years ago through a website. The man was a few years older than Martina Berg's ideal. "He used to court me in his old-fashioned way with his emails. He finally won his flirting class."

specify clearly!

Deviating from your own guidelines for finding a virtual partner is not necessarily arbitrary, says Martina Berg. "Before you flirt online, you need to check your own criteria. What's really important to me about love, what's second?" Martina Berg, who has been a successful entrepreneur for years, was clear: "I want a man who, like me, values success and fits into my environment. Whether a prince a few years older or a few inches shorter than my dream, this may be important for superficial flirting, but not to the companion of my life. ”Martina Berg did not take into account the fact that she has worse cards with her claims in her late forties. “I may have been looking for longer than others, but that was really the right thing to do.

Better to flirt with a professional photo

In order to please people who fit their own life plan, the same goes for online flirting: the well-presented party fight. “If you use a self-timer while on vacation and then bring the photo online, you shouldn’t be surprised if you can only flirt with yourself,” says style expert Berg. He advises many good men and women who lovingly want to gas again. "The quality of the photo is just as important as the clothes and makeup. The performance should emphasize the benefits rather than artificially simulating youth." The question is always: What do you want to say with your photo?

Your personality matters!

No one needs to get dressed, instead it’s about addressing the right life partner with your own appearance. The little black dress is athletic, the hiker is a rocker - here are sure to be bad people for flirting. “At the latest on the first date, you can see if your self-portrait is authentic,” says image consultant Berg. This also applies to the profile. Avoid common places in descriptions. Who wouldn’t want to watch the sunset with a glass of red wine and a pair in his arms? "It's best to realistically describe your ideas about spending time together. Those who prefer to cuddle in the evenings shouldn't rampage in marathons just because the sport seems to be well received when flirting," says Martina Berg. He speaks from his own experience. The personality itself paid off in virtual flirting: He had been living happily with his partner for two years now.