Dangers of Online Dating

Are you interested in what methods and technical solutions there are in the world of online dating?

Introduction to the world of online dating:

Well, who wouldn't be able to list a bunch of different dating sites on the internet ... but what exactly should I look for? This is exactly what this article will be about, let's assume that an online online dating site is nothing more than a web program created by a team of program engineers in-house, or worse, an IT company is entrusted with the task.

Creating an interface program with external IT companies is a very time-consuming and complicated task, it is not uncommon that the discussed task may not be 100% implemented, or worse, and has recently become quite observable in the world of Internet dating to web or mobile phones. programs are implemented in a very "cheap" and simple way. This is exactly what we mean when we consider, for example, an online dating site, 20% Budget for programming and 80% Budget for marketing tricks as a multitude of different weird domains, as well as constant search advertising because such a model would otherwise not be able to function, is sometimes very similar to a kind of customer catcher and less to a market defined on the basis of a true set of values. According to redxter.com's management and team, this is a bad perception because they will leave a huge market gap in the future if another internet dating portal does exactly the opposite based on the budget illustrated above and spends 80% of its energy on programming work. 100% in-house solution.

Well why is this so important?

We can already give you a very simple example of this: let's say that there is an online dating site "A" who does "B" at a external IT company regularly do his web and mobile phone interfaces, and a third "C" external technical or customer service  "Support" service, it means for you exactly that you enter into a contract with all 3 separate companies with individual private interests for the management of your data which of course, it is mostly implied in the Terms of Use that by accepting these Terms, you agree that these third party companies may also have your information or use it at any time for other research or marketing purposes.

This is why it is safer to use redxter.com because we carry out all data protection activities as well as the operation of our servers in one building under one company. The protection of our servers is also monitored by the administrators employed within the company 24 hours a day, the issue of security is very important to our users, so we do not consider it too fair if an online dating company does not primarily promote the Internet and application processes.

Use "moderator" profiles in online dating

What does it mean to use moderator profiles?

A "moderator" profile is nothing more than a profile on a online dating site whose owner is fictitious, so a person is really behind him for other interests or for a fee, but in many cases there are several profiles for that person. is moderated, or is it exactly the case, that the online dating company hires so-called chat clerks who have nothing to do but keep the user on the portal and pay for as long as they possibly can. Of course, the management of the given portal draws attention to this in small print in the xx. century line of the terms of use, and unfortunately from this legal point of view the owner of the online dating platform has avoided possible liability, in many cases it is fictional but the scribes could make a little more money.

Where and how can I get more information or help on this topic?

There are various aid organizations in many countries around the world that help people who have fallen victim to similar cases, but how can I protect myself from falling victim to similar marketing efforts? Unfortunately, it is not always possible to prevent 100% of these cases, but there are a lot of useful tips and precautionary advice available on the Internet. Let's also look at, for example, the availability of a couple of very useful advice websites:

The most important piece of advice the redxter.com editorial staff can give you is to always be very careful in all cases until you are physically certain of the person in question in some way that they exist or are really interested in you and not your money. We hope this article helps you to get a little better insight into certain things about online co-search on the Internet.

Redxter's editorial staff and management declare that they do not engage in any "Moderator" profile activity on redxter.com, and that they wish to distance themselves from the above-mentioned Internet dating sites, and we pay special attention to the security of our users 24 hours a day. guaranteed.

Of course, all people need to take this into account more or less individually, especially if there is a risk that they will suffer potential marketing inconveniences due to online dating if they do not accurately assess the above mentioned problems, much success in online dating.

Sincerely, Redxter Editorial.