Dating agency: what makes a dating agency serious?

A dating agency can quickly and efficiently easen the search for the happiness of love. We'll tell what possibilities are there for you.

Back in the time there were offline agencies where experts put in a significant amount of work to find the right partner for you and connect the two of you together. The expenses in regards of money and effort where often massive amounts. But in the digital age matchmaking has long ago moved on to the internet, with a good reason:

Since online matchmaking agencies are not just way more modern but also a lot faster, they work better and more efficiently.  But not everyone has the same experience with online matchmaking agencies. We'll explain you, what different options of online matchmaking are being made available to you and what to look out for in a dating agency.

How to recognise serious online dating services.

The network is now flooded with many dating agencies and dating sites. There seems to be something for every need, for every age group and target group. Nevertheless, caution is advised as not all portals are equally serious. Exchanging partners, for which members can register for free, does not always provide adequate protection for personal data. In addition, there are several free platform playgrounds for many fake profiles. A modern and reputable dating agency comes at a cost, but dating agency prices are also calculated based on a number of benefits for members. A dating agency like Redxter not only guarantees the user-friendliness and functionality certified by TÜV and the necessary protection of privacy, but also that all members are checked for authenticity. Those who register with Redxter meet like-minded people with serious intentions.

What kind of dating agencies are there on the internet?

Each dating agency is essentially different from the way you search. There are three main search and placement options in the online world.

  1. Self-selection websites: Self-search

    The so-called “self-selection websites” only ask for a personal initiative. Everyone who signs up for these sites should navigate the jungle of oversupply. It is true that there are portals that are already tailored to target groups with narrowing search features. However, they often move on the surface. However, coordinates, personal data, and measurements do not give you a meaningful picture of whether the person at the other end of the line is right for you.

  2. System Selection Sites: Search

    The opposite is true for "system selection websites". Here, members use a mathematical algorithm that calculates the appropriate partner suggestions - called matches. This process is usually done by the site operators themselves, so members tend to play a passive role in finding a partner.

  3. Hybrid selection sites: it’s about the mix

    “Hybrid Selection Partner Search” combines both “Self-Selection” and “System Selection”. Members can pre-select the right partner proposals, while also being able to actively manage their search. Redxter also uses these technical features of hybrid partner search. After selecting the system, which is done through Redxter pairing, users have the ability to plan their search quickly and efficiently through self-selection.

The heart of the dating agency is a personality test and scientific matching

One of the most important parts of getting to know each other is the personality test. In addition to numbers, data, and facts, members have the opportunity to provide information about their own personality traits that are relevant to a happy relationship. They ask not only hobbies and interests, but also what expectations, desires, and values individuals follow.

Compliance then ensures that the most suitable candidates are selected. The answers are compared with the personality traits of the other members. In the end, they offer the user the highest matches.

What are the advantages to online dating.

In addition to security, a large selection of like-minded people, and a sophisticated negotiation process, a dating agency like Redxter offers other benefits:

  • Search at any time of the day or night: With Redxter, users can start their search from anywhere. Flirting and communication takes place here beyond opening hours. This makes searching easier and easier to integrate into your individual daily routine.
  • Excellent service: It doesn’t matter if you’re having advisory articles or simply technical issues - Redxter members get additional support from a team of experts.
  • High Success: Our motto "Singles with Redxter fall in love every eleven minutes" is no accident. Redxter is not only the market leader in Germany as a dating agency, but the success stories of our members confirm the great chances of love happiness.

Conclusion: Enjoy the benefits of a reputable dating agency

Which type of dating agency you choose depends on the needs of the individual. The following applies: The more serious your partner search should be, the more serious the dating agency should be. As a general rule, the search always comes at a cost. But free contacts don’t have to be the cheaper solution automatically. After all, you need to find out who you really are on your own and at different times. This can escalate into more costly and time-consuming investigative work. The benefits of a dating agency like Redxter clearly outweigh this. It’s not free, but it happens faster and offers the best chance of success.