Getting over first date jitters

How to stop being nervous?

Are you anxious about your first date? You're not alone.

Everyone knows the feeling of nervousness shortly before we go on a first date with a person we like very much. There are those who begin to tremble, there are those who can no longer stand still. There are those who can’t stop the conversation, and there are those who calm down and don’t talk at all. You don't feel that way alone. Here are five ways you can improve your experience so you can enjoy the process of meeting new people.

1. Be casual

You can pull the pinch out of your first date position by making it as small as possible. Meet for lunch, a coffee or a quick drink during the day or after work and don’t become romantic at all.

2. Manage your expectations

Instead of making your goal a second date or a relationship before the first date is done, keep something simple - have a good time on the date and see if there’s anything there. That way, even if nothing comes of it romantically, you can still enjoy a good evening. It’s hard not to get carried away when you send a message to someone and it goes well, but try to bring your thoughts back to the question whenever you dream. It’s best to think of a person as a potential new friend, than as a potential lover.

3. Dress comfortably

Dress comfortably, but in a way that makes you feel good. If you’re usually an ordinary person, set the date somewhere where you can only be yourself. Don’t force yourself to get dressed and spend the whole evening judging yourself.

4. Release the tension

If you've got the time, watch something or do something that can make you laugh before your date. Laughter can do wonders in regards of stress relief.

Ha időt tud spórolni, nézzen meg vagy tegyen valamit, ami megnevetteti, mielőtt randevúzna. A nevetés csodákat tesz a feszültség oldásában. Some people perform music, dance, exercise or do yoga.

5. Talk with a friend

Friends can help you decide what to wear, confirm that you look good, and remind you how great a person you are. You can also joke with them about your nervousness so that you can disperse. You may feel stupid, nervous about the date, but in reality, everyone does it before a date so all good friends understand and help dispel the situation.