Guide to our technical background

A brief introduction into the technical background and functioning of Redxter.

About the coding of our online dating portal

At Redxter we take a great deal of pride in the technical background of our service, therefore we are putting in maximum effort into all the technical details that is behind it. For us the most important is the comfort and safety of our customers, and our team spares no time to have the expectations for our service met. is being coded in a text editor from scratch, which means there are no so called "CMS" programs used during production. The appearence of such programs as: wordpress and others, have affected a big part of the programming industry badly, since even that the accessibility to website creation has increased but the quality of websites has drastically dropped. Our philosophy is that we want to providea secure, highly functioning website for our users while maintaining the quality of the service. It needs all the focus and effort that our team can give to it, which we are glad to work on in order to be able to provide our customers with the safety and funcionality that makes Redxter what it is. Our team of developers are personally testing and troubleshooting all the features that are being used on this online dating portal. They are also responsible for the translation of Redxter assuring that the portal is widely available for an expanding collection of languages. 

The maintenance behind it all

In order to provide our users with the proper protection while using Redxter our team is working on maintaining the Redxter servers all around the clock, thus assuring availability at all times for a smooth user experience. Our servers do not belong to a third-party hosting provider, we'd rather just take care of said servers by ourselves. The Redxter servers are located in Switzerland and are under constant review and troubleshooting, in case anything goes wrong our server maintenance team can respond to it within an hour and are on their way to find and solve any issue that might need solving. Our maintenance team is very keen on keeping the servers up to date and assuring secure usage of the website in order to provide all of our users with a secure online dating experience. We are using up to date security counter-measures that we are constantly working on improving our security so we can assure our users that the protection they receive from Redxter are always up to date.

Novelty and up-to-dateness

At Redxter we are aiming to create an ever improving portal for our users to fulfill all their needs that they can possibly have in regards of online dating, which means that is never actually "done", it is under constant reviewing and also under constant improvement in order to keep our promise in regards of constant updates and troubleshooting. Redxter is our teams main project, therefore we are keen on focusing all the effort on troubleshooting and improving every day. This can vary from new functions, to translations, and most importantly security updates. We aim to make the portal as user friendly and as highly functioning as it is possible and our team doesn't spare time from doing their research to have the requirements of cyber security met in the quickly changing world of the internet, in order to provide our users with all the protection they need. As mentioned before Redxter is not a project that is "done", at all times there are always new features and functions created and reviewed by our team for a better Redxter experience.