How to tell if the man you're dating is not interested in you?

Dating would be a lot less complicated, if people would always openly and honestly said what they want. In reality people hold back the truth due to a variety of reasons.

1. They say they'll call you and then they don't

If a man is interested in you he's going to be the man of his word. If he agrees to calling you or sending you an SMS, then he will. If he has a good reason why he didn't get in contact then he will get to you as soon as he can so he can explain.

But in case you would catch yourself waiting for him to get in touch or you have to engage in contact with him yourself without him giving you any explanation, on why he didn't bother contacting you then probably he is not as excited as you would like him to be.

2. You are always the one to arrange dates or ask if there's going to be one.

Right or wrongly: man always assume, that they have to be the one's engaging with you. You're going to see that even shy guys are glad to appoint another date after they have decided they are interested in your person. If a man just stands asside and lets you chase him in order to organise another date, then probably he doesn't really bother about whether or not he sees you again.

3. He doesn't answer your texts or e-mails for a long time, sometimes that long you think you have to send another one.

Unless a man isn't like "Insane busy" in all the 24 hours of the day, and is physically unable to answer you, then you could expect an answer within a reasonable amount of time. In case you send an SMS or an E-mail during the thay and he has important things to do at the office then it is entirely reasonable that he couldn't spend time answering you, but if we're talking about evenings or weekends then it is a massive red flag. Sadly the reason to the can often range from "He's not that interested" to "He's living a married life".

4. After your date he doesn't say anything to recommend setting up another date.

This is a huge red flag which tells you whether or not your first date went well or not. If a man is interested in having a second date with you then they usually try to set up a second date, or atleast a phone call or text message to try and ask you out on a second date. If it seems like to you that he's trying everything to avoid setting up a second date, that might be the sign of that he is not interested in you.

5. He tells you he's not interested.

Even tought that seemingly they are obvious, a lot of women tend to ignore the obvious signs which show you that a man is not interested in them. If he tells you that he needs some space, or some time by himself, a break etc. take it as a sign of him not being interested in you and just move on. If he says he's not interested in anything serious but you are - just move on and don't waste your time on people that ignore the obvious.