Online dating?- Of course!

Online dating - Tips and advice for safe flirting and meeting!

Without a firewall and antivirus protection, no one needs to be able to navigate the network. In online dating, safety always comes first, even when the focus is on the desire to meet nice people, and last but not least, the hope of love. Nevertheless, black sheep graze here and there across the width of the net. Redxter wants to show you how to keep them away from you.

Comprehensive protection thanks to Redxter

Even if, contrary to popular belief, Leo and his behavior are more the exception, and in real-life acquaintances, you always need caution and caution if you want to connect with other people, or at best, still fall in love. However, excessive mistrust can hinder online dating. However, we recommend that you do not give up the anonymity guaranteed by your internal Redxter mailbox too quickly. Only consider disclosing your personal information, such as your phone number, email address, and address, if you have gained sufficient trust. If you no longer want to detour through the Redxter website, you may want to open an anonymous mailbox at one of the major providers / web hosts.

Protect yourself from unwanted "exposure"

Online flirters sometimes don’t notice when they betray their anonymity. Some providers sometimes send the name you need to enter when you sign up for a mailbox, along with the email address, to the appropriate recipient. Most people react in amazement when they are suddenly written with their full name. It is easy to change or lock the default setting., for its part, relies on complete discretion in online dating and, of course, does not transmit its name. Another example is self-description. When creating a personal profile, be careful not to present your entire resume without gaps. Sometimes little information is enough to identify the creator of a seemingly anonymous profile. Exotic hobbies or unusual professions can sometimes be quickly found and identified with a simple Google search. This must always be taken into account.

Trust your feelings

Even if caution is always required, building mutual trust is, of course, only possible if you gradually communicate and exchange something about yourself. In this respect, the quid pro quo principle (which comes from the Latin “As you are, I do the same for you”) must always apply. If someone wants to know where you live or what you look like, you should also be willing to share information about yourself. Anyway, mistrust is a good advisor. In general, common sense, knowledge of human nature, and the instinctive evaluation of the other person are trustworthy friends when it comes to new acquaintances. So pay attention to whether your new acquaintance often contradicts each other or is difficult to explain in detail. Listen to your gut when you say something is wrong. Don’t be afraid to follow up and remember: you have the right to disconnect if the explanations aren’t enough for you. A certain distance is especially useful in the intoxication of feelings in order to properly assess the general situation. The advice of an acquaintance can also help with uncertainty.

The best tip for flirting online

If the relationship turns into interesting flirtation, he'll pick up the phone soon. That your anonymity does not necessarily have to be vented can be ensured, for example, by suppressing your cell phone number. However, if you decide to make your phone number public, you need to be very careful in advance and consider the following: Your address can be determined using various Internet services over a private landline connection. On the other hand, it is better to have a mobile phone or office number, even if in certain circumstances it is possible to find out your name and address, provided they are recorded in the phone book. Make sure that no confidential information can be found during the so-called reverse search - someone will give you the phone number of the information desk. Unfortunately, there is always a small residual risk of unwanted reactions after an unsuccessful meeting - see Antonia and Leo In this regard, it may be helpful not to put your name and / or address on your answering machine tape. If you want to protect yourself even better, you may want to consider “borrowing” the contact for your first phone calls from friends, acquaintances, or colleagues, or buying a prepaid card. You will then only use this phone number available from your mobile phone provider for online dating as you will give it up in case of an emergency.

Love has nothing to do with money

Unfortunately, we have to deal with the sad chapter of the virtual world here: Scammers who only go for money are called scammers ("scam" in English). Parship takes various measures against such abuse of its service. However, this does not work without careful behavior. Under no circumstances can you send money, not even small amounts, with partners you don’t know personally - even after familiar messages and phone calls. Report profiles or behaviors that are suspicious to our customer service. You have to be prudent ...

  • Letters in English - which sound strange and full of spelling mistakes;
  • as a woman: Her contact claims to be employed and widowed by the U.S.-British or British, possibly the U.S. military, in the late 1940s and late 1960s.
  • as a man: An extremely handsome woman writes you who - though much younger than you, is very interested in you;
  • rather, general messages that aren’t related to your profile or your previous emails, don’t answer questions;
  • surprisingly fast expressions of love or (when women write) a strikingly enthusiastic tone ("I love the photo", "I was very happy about your text");
  • sad fates that often occur with a lack of money;
  • and especially: the desire expressed sometimes only after a long shift to have money transferred from you.

Of course, some of these signs do not have to be. Nevertheless, even if they appear in slightly different details, they should definitely ring the first alarm bells. Report your suspicions to Redxter Customer Service and the best way is to immediately disconnect you from that person by deleting them from your friends.

Meet ... and be careful!

Fortunately, such complicated stories remain exceptions. Typically, you need to connect with honest people who, like you, are really looking for a relationship. Nevertheless, certain precautions must be taken before the first appointment. So it is useful to share your appointment or meeting point with close friends. This means that the person you trust can stay quiet in the neighborhood if you want to. Make sure you meet in a neutral place or place - never and under any circumstances, either in your apartment or with your flirting partner. If you let yourself pick up from home, you should be as taboo as telling too many intimate details about yourself at first. Just do what you feel good about. Only then can you enjoy the essence of online dating: meeting nice people, adventure and ideal love.