Safe dating online

How to stay safe during online dating?

In this article we are going to teach you just what are these small details and also about what you can do if you have encountered anyone online that you are not sure whether or not to trust given person. Sadly in online dating you always have to be just a little un-trusting. So let's talk about how to avoid any inconveniences you might encounter online.

1. Noticing suspicious activities:

Dating on the internet is a long, and complex process, but suspicious activity can be recognised if you are aware of the small details even.

Some common telling signs of fraudulent activities are: Frequently repeating profile pictures, Way too recently created profiles, If given user is attempting to gain your trust in an irrational pace, Any questions the given user might have asked you of the financial nature, Given user is attempting to avoid video calls and such ways of communication that could have their real identity or intentions revealed. It is also a telling sign of possible fraudulent activity if the given user is asking for help of the financial nature, we are going to share a couple of the commonly used questions scammers often ask their victims: "Lost some sort of documentation and would need some money to replace it", "Have suffered a recent injury of some sort and needs money to sort out the medical costs", "Would travel to your town but can not afford a flight ticket", "Wealth has been seized by the authorities and would need your help to pay the lawyer's fees in order to get the money". Always pay attention to these telling signs because noticing such activity in time can help prevent you and also possibly others becoming a victim of fraudulent activity. Under no circumstances agree to the exchange of money with anybody you have got into contact with someone online. In case someone ask you for such exchange you should always share the information with your local authorities, but i repeat under no circumstances should you ever agree to exchange.

2. Protect yourself against fraudulent activities:

Properly protecting yourself against fraudulent activities online without the necessary safety precautions and security protocols is very difficult, this has tempted us to create so all of our customers can enjoy all the protection our website has to offer. Our team has put their several years of experience in online security to work in order to provide our users with all the necessary safety precautions they might need while using this platform. Activities on the website are being reviewed by a complex algorythm powered by our Artificial Inteligence program, reassuring that all of the user data is being handled in private and is kept that way. We use such security counter-measures in order to protect our users from becoming a victim of online fraud. Note that the perpetrators of such activities are constantly coming up with new methods to get to their victim so we must also pay constant attention to such activities on our platform. If you think you might have gotten into contact with an "Online scammer" please report such profiles towards us, so we can keep our community safe for everybody.