The safety we provide you with

In online dating the most important things are discretion and safety, please read this article if you would like to know more.

The security of your datas

We offer you a safe way to find the right partner for you.

Redxter takes the security of your personal datas very seriously. 

A Redxter nagyon komolyan veszi a személyes adatok biztonságát. We use the latest technologies and strategies within and beyond our legal obligations, in order to protect your data from unauthorized access. The effectiveness of the measures we apply is regularly reviewed by external service providers. Independent experts check the quality, security, and transparency of services offered by us.

Scammers usually do these

  • The fraudsters expect to lure their victims out of the protected Redxter environment as quickly as possible and continue to get in touch through messaging services or private email. They use excuses like “I only have a trial membership” or “Easier for me”.
  • Messages are often written with poor knowledge of language senders pretend to be from the U.S., for example.
  • The content of the messages is very affectionate to create emotional intimacy. Flowers or other gifts are sent. Often even third parties are introduced: for example, a woman calls you, claiming to be the daughter and thanking you because her father is now so happily in love. A whole – deceptively genuine – story is acted out.
  • Sometimes there are even phone conversations: mostly via Skype, without the video feature (for male scammers), or with a video feature, often with nudity and sexual stimulation (for female scammers).
  • They avoid meeting up in person. Excuses for this include, for example, that they are “on a business trip” or “preparing a business deal”, even when asked several times. As evidence of a supposed business trip, some scammers are not afraid to send scans of alleged flight tickets “as proof” by e-mail.
  • To discuss the issue of money, unfortunate disasters will be reported: for example, a failed business transaction (eg customs duties or loss of revenue related to the delivery of goods), uninsured traffic accident, illness or family accident, money theft ... However, a personal meeting would require financial support ( travel, visa, etc.). In the past, mainly money transfer companies such as WesternUnion or MoneyGram were abused for this purpose, but now they also provide foreign banking data (often from Asia or the Middle East).

Never transfer money for somebody you do not know in person. Money is lost forever - and your faith in love is severely damaged.

Characteristics of fraudsters

The characteristics that characterize romantic fraudsters are described below. These scammers steal the identities of others to fraudulently gain trust.

Please note that by no means do we want to classify certain professional groups or nationalities as fraudsters at Redxter. However, we know from experience that unfortunately, fraudsters often use these combinations of features.

  Male fraudsters

  • Age: 30 - 55 years old, mainly looking for women aged 35-70
  • Marital status; often widowed or divorced, sometimes with children
  • Professions: Soldier, engineer (gas, oil, construction, gold, precious stones), very often English
  • Nationality: often American or British, but bad language
  • Communication: fast-paced tone, early use of nicknames (e.g., “Darling,” “honey”), mood swings (rough emails followed by long, gentle apologies), very emphatic and emotional reasoning when asking for money, quick transition to external communication channels (Skype, e-mail)
  Female fraudsters

  • Age: 27-40 years old, mainly looking for men aged 35-70
  • Marital status is single
  • Professions: often no information or offer to provide information on request; typical professions: fashion, design, teacher, nurse
  • Religion: often deeply religious
  • Nationality: often American, British or Eastern European
  • Communication: Very rich from the beginning (“I really like your profile!”, “I was very happy to have received your message”), early use of pet names (“darling”), quick switch to external communication channels (including invitation) for erotic video chats)

Please stay alert even for very promising relationships, intense message exchanges and the first possible signs of love. If you think there’s something weird about a contact, if the conversation suddenly turned into money, or something is suspicious, stamp the brake. Disconnect immediately and forward these emails to our Customer Service. We treat your information with the utmost confidence.

Phishing and profiling

As you get online, you build strong, intimate relationships with your contacts - and then your Redxter account, or one of your contacts, is taken over by an unknown person. These types of attacks are particularly severe because fraudsters already use verified user accounts: in this way, existing intimate connections are abused to fraudulently obtain sensitive data and / or financial assets.

In many cases, profile login credentials are obtained by so-called phishing. When emailed, a putative Redxter form or a putative official Redxter link asks for confidential information from the profile owner so that it can then be re-used. By the way: Phishing affects not only Redxter, but all online portals where personal login information is used (e.g. social media channels, email providers ...).

Thats how a phishing e-mail looks like:

  • The text is often full of errors and looks as if it has been translated.
  • In some cases, the personal address is missing (Dear ....). Caution is needed here as it is not uncommon for scammers to already know the name of the profile owner.
  • Phishing emails usually contain a request for personal information. These can be passwords, email addresses, TAN or PIN.
  • The request is often associated with the threat of sanctions if the instruction is not followed. Redxter would never do that.
  • The sender's email address is not the same as the actual known address of the company. This can be a very small difference or an unusual addition.
  • For links, the https: // prefix before the web address is missing. The “s” here is the term “safe”. If this is missing, do not disclose confidential information.

In general, the following apply:

  • Make sure that the request for personal information comes from the real sender.
  • Always be careful when entering / communicating your email address and password.
  • Protect the security of your account simply by changing your password regularly and using a separate password for each account - this applies to your Redxter profile as well as your email account and other online platforms.

Recognize the received profile:

  • The profile entries have been significantly and comprehensively changed.
  • We have uploaded photos that are not the original profile owners.
  • Even though the connection already exists, suddenly there seem to be automated messages and you are not responding to your messages.
  • You will receive contact information that differs from the contact information previously exchanged and you will be asked to leave the protected area of our platform.

If you notice something strange or are asked to enter your personal information in an email, or discover unusual activity on your profile or another profile, Inmediately contact our support team! - we are always happy to help you!