Steps of Registration

In this article we will walk you trough the various steps of our Registration process. By the time you're finished reading you will be ready to create your own account.


Steps of Registration

Getting started:

Here we are going to show you the necessary steps for creating an account. And talk about our form of information that has to be filled out by our new users in depth. so lets get started!

step 1

So you have decided to create an account? to get started all you have to do is click on "Get one now!" as shown on illustration 1.This will redirect you to our Form of Registration. We kindly ask you to fill out the following form with your valid information.

Step 2

Before disclosing the next step we will have to talk a little bit about the form you are being presented after completing Step 1.We kindly ask you to fill out our Form of Registration before you could proceed. A few words about these details. Your username: the name chosen by the user that he wish to display, don't worry if a name is taken you can always spice it up and add characters to it. E-mail address: give us your personal E-mail address so we can proceed with your Request of Registration. Note that we need your address for the verification process, we ask you to enter a real existing E-mail address (we do not accept 10minute/disposable E-mail addresses). Date of Birth: here we ask you to enter your Date of Birth. We have been told by our Users that they were having difficulties filling out this section so we include a picture representation of the process. To fill out this section all you have to do is click on the little calendar as shown on illustration 1. To choose a Year of Birth you have to click on the date as shown by illustration 2. The third picture shows you the result of completing the instructions shown on the first 2 illustrations, here to choose your year and month of birth you can simply scroll up in this window until you see your year of birth and click on it, this will reveal the months in given month. Chose a year, then a month and a day to set your Date of Birth.  Finally we will ask you to set a password that serves as protection for your account, we recommend choosing a strong password that you can also remember, then you will have to confirm mentioned password to avoid any issues that can be caused by typos.

Date picker select

After filling out our Form of Registration all you have to do is click on "Create account" to proceed with the submission of above mentioned form as shown by the illustration beside. Congratulations now you will gain access to your freshly created account.  Congratulations your account has been created.Note that there are still a couple settings we kindly ask you to configure in order to enjoy the full experience. We are gonna talk about that in our next article "Configuring your profile".

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