Configuring your profile

In this article we will show you how to configure your profile after registration. These settings will help you meet people from your area, or with similiar interests.


Configuring your profile

Fine tuning your profile

Note that there are still a couple settings we kindly ask you to configure in order to enjoy the full experience. Such as setting your town so others in your area can more easily find you improving the experience. Note that these configurations are required to use the website but you have the freedom to choose over wich ones to display to other users.

Setting your location

As our first subject to this article we are going to talk about setting your location and it's important, as well as a couple details about it. You can drag and drop the marker shown on the map at your location, dont worry if your location is not shown on the map right away. You can always start typing your city's name and choose from suggestions as shown on picture 1, always make sure the name of your location is spelled correctly because this is what will be displayed on your profile. By clicking on the "Determine your current location using GPS!" button as shown on picture 2, note that it is still recommended to spell check the result. Once you are done with setting up your location you can click on the "Save location data" button to finalize your decision as shown on picture 3. The "Save location data" button will turn blue once it is ready to receive your command, note that you can not overwrite location drata unless you have changed the position of your map marker already.

General info and external features

As the next step you will be asked to provide a little information about yourself. In the first two steps we expect you to answer a couple questions such as: Your language, you'll be asked what you're looking for under interest, your age group, your relationship status, and your gender. You can edit any of these datas by clicking on the options and choosing the ones that fit you as shown on picture 1 . Users have a possibility to let other users know if they offer bed&breakfast. Users can also set a "Header text" that is going to appear on your profile right below your location, and a "profile text" wich will appear under your general information on the right side of your profile see picture 2, we recommend that you fill this area with and introduction about yourself. Users can provide other users some information on their appearence such as: Height, Body weight, Body type, Origin, Eye color, Hair, Hair color, piercings and tattoos. You can configure these settings by clicking on an item you want to edit and choosing the option that you think fits you most. Your general info and external features is going to appear on the right side of you profile.

In this section you will be asked to answer a couple questions about your sexual orientation and your personal interests, note that this information is entirely optional but is used to improve your experience and you can also choose not to display them. You can toggle the display of such information by clicking on the toogling orb next to the tabs of mentioned sections. In the sexual orientation section of your account settings the same method is used to configure as mentioned above and shown on picture 1. In the personal interests section you can find our personality scale wich contains two opposite attribute on both side and your final answer can be modified by choosing the degree you think most accurately describe your personality. To choose a degree on each scale all you have to do is click on the orb you find the most fitting as shown on picture 3.In our next article we are going to teach you how to set a profile picture and manage your pictures in our next article "Uploading and managing your pictures"

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