Uploading a profile picture and managing your pictures

In this article we will show you how to choose your profile picture and how to manage your pictures.


Choosing your profile picture

And managing the pictures you upload

So you have created an account at us, set your location and now you would like to customise your profile with pictures? Worry not we will show just exactly how to do that!

Setting a profile picture

In order to get started with setting your profile picture, you have to click on your profile in the top right corner of your screen, this will expand it to the view earlier shown in our article "Configuring your profile". There you can choose pictures as shown on picture 1. This will bring you to the gallery where you have multiple options (we are going to talk about that in depth further down in this article). For now we are going to assume this is the first picture you upload. To upload your first picture just click on "upload pictures" as shown on picture 2, this will prompt you to choose a picture from your storage. Once you have choosen choose "OK" and your picture will be shortly uploaded in your Gallery (you can follow the process on our progress bar wich will appear right above the "upload pictures" button).Congratulations you have uploaded your first picture!

Choosing a profile picture from your gallery

Now that you have picture(s) in your Gallery we are going to show you how to choose a picture from your Gallery to set as your profile picture wich will be displayed on your profile to our other users.  In order to do so all you have to do is click on "profile picture selection" as shown on picture 3, wich will then allow you to choose a picture from your Gallery. Once a picture has been set as your profile picture a small white marker will appear in the bottom left corner of the picture in your gallery, indicating wich one of your pictures in your Gallery are selected to be your profile picture as shown by picture 4. This picture will be displayed to users that visit your profile. Do not worry if you don't want others so see a certain picture anymore. You can anytime edit your gallery later on. We are going to talk about just how to do that below.

Editing your Gallery can be done in a couple pretty simple steps and you are going to see it can be learned in just a couple minutes. To do so you will have to click on "edit" wich will appear in the top right corner of your Gallery as shown by picture 5. After doing so you can just simply click on any of your pictures to select it. Once you have selected the picture you want to edit a blue check mark is going to appear in the top right corner of the picture that has been selected as shown on picture 6. You can also notice that on the bottom of your Gallery a new button has appeared also shown on picture 6, lets talk about this button for a moment. The "Archive" button will place the picture selected to your "Image archive" album. Your albums are shown on the left side of your Gallery, there are three types of albums in your gallery: "Profile pictures" consists of pictures you wish to publicly display for other users to see, "Image archive" are your pictures that you have decided you dont want to display anymore, and lastly your "Sent pictures" consists of pictures you have sent via the chat function. Note that only your "Profile pictures" album is going to be publicly visible, your "Image archive" and "Sent pictures" albums are only visible to you.

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