Chat functions

In this article you are going to learn about our wide range variety of useful and fun chat functions


Chat functions

Brief introduction to the chat functions

In this article you are goint to learn to use our variety of extra chat functions such as:

  • Using emoticons
  • Sharing photos in private messages
  • Using the GIF library
  • Sharing your current location with a certain user
  • Using the like button
  • Sending and receiving voice messages

Using emoticons

Emoticons are used to express emotions you could otherwise might either struggle expressing via text message or just think this is a more fun way of expressing some things. You are going to learn how to use emoticons in your chat conversation in no time by reading this article. First of all lets start with opening a conversation as discussed in our "General overview" article in the group of "About the chat". There is a variety of buttons that can be found on the left side of your message input field. These buttons are the following (from left to right): The "more options", the "Emoticon selection", and the "Attach photos to the message" buttons. We are going to focus on "emoticon selection" for now. You have two ways of using this feature, you can either click on the "Emoticon selection" button (second) or you can display all the chat functions at once by just simply clicking on the "more options" button (first) wich will expand to all the options. Here you can just click on "Emoticon selection" button wich is the first in the row as shown on picture 1. Once you've done that you will be presented with a wide-range variety of emoticons to select from to attach one or more of these just simply click on the emoticon you would like to send as shown on picture 2 and it will be pasted in your message input.

Sharing photos in private messages

We have implemented this feature so users can share pictures with eachother in private messages without having to make them public. Before we go any further in this article, we kindly ask all of our users to follow our Community standards as actions that go against these standards are punished by: Periodic ban from our website, the termination of an account or even a lifetime ban from our services! In order to share a picture using the chat feature you also have two different way of doing so, you can either: click on "Attach photos to the message"  that can be find as your third button from those three that appear next to your message input field to the left as shown on picture 3, or you can also choose the second button ("Attach photos to the message" ) from your expanded "more options" row as discussed above. Then a window will open wich will prompt you to select the image file you would like to share from your computer library, once you've selected a picture you can just simply click on "open". then you can hit send as shown on picture 4, and you have shared the picture of your choice. 

GIF library and sharing location

After expanding your options by clicking on "more options" as discussed above you are going to see all of the feature the chat service has to offer.  Including but not limited to acces the GIF library where you can browse from and send moving pictures to other users, and the possibility to share your current location with a certain user without having to modify the location you wish to display publicly. First we are going to talk about the GIF library, once you have clicked on the "GIF selection" as shown on picture 5, first you are going to be presented with a carousel of GIF pictures to choose from as shown on picture 6. Do not worry if first you don't see any that you would like to send you can always use the search bar above the pictures to find themes and topics you are looking for as shown on picture 6. Once you have found the GIF picture you would like to share all you have to do is click on it and it will be sent.

To share location with a certain user using the chat feature's "Attach a location/position to the message" function. Similiarly to the "GIF library" you can also access this function by expanding the "more options" and choosing the last button ("Attach a location/position to the message") you'll find there as shown on picture 7 then it will expand a map on wich you can drag and drop the blue marker as discussed in our aticle: "Configuring your profile " then you can click on "Send position" as shown on picture 8 and that's it all your location has been sent to the user. Do not worry others will not see that.

The like button

You might have noticed that the send message button only appears when there is something typed in to you message input field. In instances where you leave it open a little green "like" button will appear right next to the before mentioned input field as shown on picture 9. You can use this button to tell other users you like the content or message that they have shared with you. Note that the like symbol does not only come in one standard size but you can send it in various sizes. To use the minimal size of this before mentioned symbol just simply click on the "like" button, to use a different size you can just click on it and hold down the button. Then you will see that the size of this starts expanding and will gradually grow bigger, when it has reached the size of like symbol you wish to send just release the button and it will be sent.

Voice messages

Further option in our chat service is sending and receiving voice messages in the chat. We have implemented a fun interesting way of sharing messages with a certain user, you can very easily master all you need to successfully send and receive voice messages in the future. To use this feature you can expand your "More options" button as discussed above and click on the "Voice message" button wich will be located entirely on the right side of your "more options" row as shown on picture 10. Once you have done the instructions above the recording will start and you will be presented with a visual confirmation of recording, you might have noticed that your "Voice message" button has changed to red and is crossed out indicating that there is a recording in progress that can be canceled by simply clicking on before mentioned cancel button as shown on picture 11. Or as an alternative you can also stop a recording in progress by clicking on "more options" again, this will also cancel a recording in progress. Under your visual confirmation of the recording you can find two element the first one is a digital clock that shows you the recordings current length and the second one is your "Sending" button, once you think you have just the right recording for your voice message you can just click on "Sending" and that's it your message has been sent to the user. Do not worry if you accidentally sent a recording you have meant to cancel, you can anytime delete voice messages the same way as you would with any other message by clicking on it and then clicking on "Delete" or by deleting all the messages that you have sent to given user as discussed in our article "Chat settings". In order to listen to a voice recording you have received via chat all you have to do is click on the "Play" symbol in the left side of the voice message as shown on picture 12, this will start playing the recording and you can also notice that you can follow the progress of the recording by following the blue progress bar in it as shown on picture 12. You can also rewind and fast forward in the message by simply clicking anywhere in the progress bar area and dropping the bar at the position you would like to rewind/fast forward to.

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