General layout

In the following articles we are going to discuss the general layout of the website and also the features that this website has to offer.


The page layout

and some of the features it has to offer.

In this article you are going to learn about the layout and some of the site's features such as:

  • Display users on your homepage according to their profile settings.
  • Filter the users that appear on your homepage.
  • Visit other user's profile page.
  • Using our photo polling station.

About the homepage

First of all before we go into the features in depth we have to talk about the general layout of your homepage. The most of your homepage will consists of the variety of users that are being presented to you and also a "header area"(shown by pointer 1) where you will find various features this website has to offer including but not limited to sorting the users by different aspects such as: users near you, users that are looking to chat with other users, recently registered users, and also sort users by their most recent activities. You can also access the "photo polling station" (shown by pointer 2). The before mentioned sorting options are not the only ones you can apply a variety of filters on your homepage. You can find these filtering options in the row below your "header area". There are many different ways you can manage your filter settings, you can set the distance you would like to narrow down the variety of users that we display to you on the homepage. to do that all you have to do is click on "Filter" button below your header area as shown by pointer 4, this will expand itself to a two point scale where you can set the minimum and maximum distance you wish to see users from. You can also set if you would like to see every user that is in your set distance, or just the ones that are currently online, you can do that by clicking on either "Discovery nearby" or "online" button wich will then further narrow down the results of what users appear on your homepage.

Visiting an other user's profile page

If you wish to look at what information others decided to display in their profile page such as: Introduction, their "external features" information, the pictures they uploaded, the languages spoken by the user and even their registration date. You can visit an other users profile page by clicking on their picture (that is being displayed on your homepage, or in a message) as shown by pointer 3 wich will inmediately display the user's profile page. There you will find useful information about the user such as mentioned aabove and also have a possibility to use some of our profile related features, all of these features can be found like about the middle of your screen as shown by pointer 5. These features include but are not limited to: "user profile", "pictures" , "poke user" and "send message".  As default we always display "user profile" first. By clicking on "pictures" you can expand your view to the gallery of given user's uploaded photos, here you can navigate between pictures using the left and right arrows that are going to appear on given sides of the picture. In the bottom right corner you can see how many "likes" given picture has gotten from other users, we are going to talk about liking pictures further in this article, but for now let's talk about poking another user. In order to catch another user's attention you can use our simple and fun feature of poking certain users, to do that you can just simply click on "poke user" and then a small window is going to open informing you about whether the poking was succesful or otherwise. And the last option you are being presented with on another user's profile page is the possibility of messaging given user(More info in "About the chat"). On the profile page view you can also see two functions that we have added to a profile page, the "hide profile visit" as shown by pointer 6, and "Ban user" do just what it's name says. Using the "hide profile visit" button will not notify the user about your visit (we're going to talk about that in our next article "Notifications and visitors"). With the "Ban user" button shown by pointer 7 you can add users to your list of blocked profiles as discussed in "Account settings".

The photo polling station

As a very fun way to spend time on our website we present you the "Photo polling station" you can find it by clicking on "Vote" in the header area of your homepage as shown by pointer 2. Once you have opened the "Photo polling station" you are going to be presented by two pictures publicly uploaded by random users, here you can choose wich one of these options you like more as shown by pointer 8. The picture of your choice will receive a "like number" wich will be the indicator for other users how many people have liked given pictures, note that your vote is anonymous and we do not display your vote. There might be situations where you are being presented with two pictures but you do not like any of them, in that case you might have already noticed that we also have a "next" button wich will present you with new options as shown by pointer 9

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