The search orb

In this article we are going to talk about how to use our search orb, and also about a variety of ways you can narrow down your search.


About the search orb

And how to filter your results

In this article we are going to talk about:

  • The search orb
  • Narrowing search results using filtering options

The search orb

First of all before we start discussing where to find the "Search orb" we need to talk about the functionality of the before mentioned search orb. You can use this feature to find other users based on either: their name, their external features,  the languages spoken by users and also based on their interests and personal preferences. You are going to find the search orb next to your "Messages" button (see article: "Overall layout") to the left as shown on picture 1. Upon clicking on the search orb it will expand to the middle of your "Header area" (see article: "Overall layout"), once you have expanded you search bar you can start typing into this input field as shown on picture 2, then you will be presented with a variety of users that have met your search criteria. For this part of the article we are just simply going to assume that you have tried searching by name, and we are going to discuss what to do in case you would like to search based on other aspects or narrow down search results below. In order to visit a user's "Profile page" by clicking on their picture that has been presented to you by our search engine.

Narrowing down results

In case you would rather search based on one of the search criteria discussed above than name, or in case you would like to narrow down your search results you can use one of the drop down buttons (ex: Eye color) as shown on picture 3. By clicking on any of these before mentioned drop down buttons you can expand them into a list view where by default all the checkboxes are going to be checked in. To modify your filtering settings you can just simply uncheck the options you would not like to be displayed in your search results as shown on picture 4. This can help you meet other user's based on either the kind of physical appearance, or to meet others who speak the languages that you do, or also based on common interests and hobbies you might have in common. Congratulations now you know just how to use the search function to find any users based on your preferences, now go and meet some new people!!!

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